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About EuroVR

About EuroVR

We open the world to our readers by providing access to the best sources of information in the Gambling Industry.

We believe that the key to our success and to the success of our readers is our ability to bring lasting benefits to our regular readers. Our information is about upcoming gaming gadgets, releases, controversies and anything that is related to gaming.

Therefore, we create ever higher standards of quality by providing highly professional, innovative and reliable information sources.

Editor in Chief – Nathaniel Johnson

First, I am an online marketing professional, as well as a night time gambler with a wide array of interests. Aside from constantly writing about gambling, I also enjoy writing about my other hobbies such as fitness, cooking, home DIY projects and travel.

Richelle Papineau – PC

Gambling is in my blood. I am an IIT alumnus and have done my PhD in computer science. At the age of 24, I wrote a few games and published. But I wanted something more. Now I have joined this wonderful team here.

Ralph Miller – Gambling

Ralph Miller is working in the industry for the past five years. He is keen on learning about new technologies and has special interest in blockchain, VR, artificial intelligence, and gambling.

EuroVR Association is a news organization focused on the intersection between people and VR/AR. Our distributed team of dedicated journalists cover important software and hardware releases as well as the researchers and developers driving augmented reality and virtual reality into wider use. We strive for fairness, accuracy, and depth in our coverage but we are also advocates for the safe, ethical, and inclusive use of this technology.

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