Conference 2016  22-24 November


EuroVR Conference 2016, 22-24 November, Athens

Technical Session III

Date: Thursday, November 24th, 2016

Time: 16.00-17:30

ChairAngelos Amditis, ICCS


Maintenance Past or Through the Tablet? Examining Tablet Use with AR Guidance System

Iina Aaltonen, Timo Kuula, Kaj Helin and Jaakko Karjalainen

Abstract: Augmented reality has been pictured as one of the solutions for assembly and maintenance through the use of augmented guidance. We performed a video analysis on how users interacted with a tablet in a tabled-based ARguided maintenance task. The setup included a virtual model of a rock crusher run in the background of a physical maintenance cabinet. In the analysis, attention was paid on whether the tablet was placed on a table and whether the maintenance tasks were done viewing past or through the tablet. The analysis showed that the tablet was mostly held in the left hand and actions were performed using the right. In most subtasks, participants viewed the objects past the tablet. However, when voltage had to be adjusted using a physical knob, many participants fumbled for the knob looking through the tablet. The users largely ignored the virtual model. The model, however, added to the realism of the task by masking the auditory feedback that the participants reported not hearing but to which they reacted. The study points out practical tips for supporting user interaction of tabletbased AR guidance systems for maintenance tasks. The findings on tablet use are relevant also in other domains where instructions are displayed on handheld devices.

EdcAR - Augmented Reality system for space applications

Kaj Helin, Jaakko Karjalainen, Nikos Frangakis, Paul Kemppi, Domenico Tedone, Amandine Pailloux, Spyros Bolierakis and David Oliveira

Abstract: This paper introduces Augmented Reality (AR) system for space application, namely the EdcAR system, as well as two use-cases where EdcAR system will be implemented and exploited. These two use-cases are (1) AR supported telecom payload coax cables assembly and (2) AR based on-board training and remote support of centralized cabin filter replacement in ISS. Cases are steering EdcAR system development by influencing requirements and specification definitions.

HOM3R: A 3D Viewer for Complex Hierarchical Product Models

Daniel Gonzalez-Toledo, Maria Cuevas-Rodríguez, Carlos Garre-Del-Olmo, Luis Molina-Tanco and Arcadio Reyes-Lecuona

Abstract: We present HOM3R, a novel 3D viewer designed to manage complex industrial product models. The viewer in-cludes a JavaScript API to interface with existing or new browser-based applications. We extend state-of-the art interaction techniques and introduce a novel navigation metaphor to address the challenges of occlusion management, navigation, selection and linking information to 3D geometry.

Virtual Reality Forest: Realistic Trees Based on Laser Scans

Pasi Raumonen, Yuta Ideguchi, Yuki Uranishi, Markku Åkerblom, Mikko Kaasalainen, Shunsuke Yoshimoto, Yoshihiro Kuroda and Osamu Oshiro

Abstract: In this paper we describe how to make realistic tree models corresponding to measurements and how to use them in virtual reality to enhance the experience. Real trees are measured with terrestrial laser scanners producing 3D point clouds. From the point clouds cylindrical quantitative structure tree models are reconstructed, which are then imported to a virtual reality system. The experience can be enhanced many ways, for example tree model textures can be changed to indicate different real aspects of the trees and free movement in the forest is possible. There are a lot of potential applications varying from education and virtual tourisms to games and garden design.

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