Conference 2016  22-24 November


EuroVR Conference 2016, 22-24 November, Athens

Industrial Session

Date: Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016
Time: 16.00-17:30

Chair: Maria Di Summa, ITIA-CNR


Automatic Mesh Erosion Method for Interactive Assembly Simulation in the Industry

Jerome Perret and Masatoshi Isobe

Abstract: In the domain of interactive assembly simulation in industry, it is sometimes necessary to shrink the geometry of 3D objects. But because the geometry coming from CAD systems contains major defects, simple erosion algorithms do not work. In this paper, we propose an automatic method for applying erosion on tessellated geometry, which is robust against most mesh flaws. Our method uses voxels in order to extract the local topology and compute the motion of vertices. We present the method in details and typical results.

Usability of a large-scale force-feedback device in different immersive environments

Quentin Parent and Jerome Perret

Abstract: The workspace of force-feedback devices is usually small, so that their usage inside immersive environments is problematic. For the last three years, our team has been developing a new kind of redundant force-feedback device with a very large workspace. In this paper, we look into the usage of the new device in combination with different immersive displays and how it affects the user experience. Our use case is the simulation of a typical assembly procedure in the manufacturing domain. We present the method and very early results.

Multi-site and -user virtual environments for enhancing stake-holders’ experience of the final product

Kaj Helin and Jaakko Karjalainen

Abstract: This paper describes how the Use of Multi-site and –user Virtual Environment (VE) will increase the stakeholders’ experience of final product already in early phase of design process. In this paper is presented proof of concept of Multi-site and –user VE which has been tested with six companies and 50 persons. This paper shows the potential of the use of Multi-site and –user VE and when enhancing the stakeholders’ experience. 

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