Conference 2016  22-24 November


EuroVR Conference 2016, 22-24 November, Athens

Call for Contributions

We invite submissions describing novel research, leading-edge technology, innovative applications, customer needs, best practices, and R&D project results in the areas of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR).

We welcome submissions from both industry and academia, and in a range of formats spanning the following categories:

  • Technical Papers: 4-6 pages full paper;
  • Posters (size A0) plus short descriptive paper of 1-2 pages;
  • Demos (live presentation) plus short descriptive paper of 1-2 pages;
  • Special sessions;

Technical Papers

Results from research activities, demonstrations, test-bed and prototype testing are encouraged by universities, research institutes and industry. Joint papers from different institutions are welcome. Accepted papers will be invited for oral presentation and must be presented by at least one of the authors during the EuroVR2016 Conference. 

Download the EuroVR2016 word template (link) and submit your paper at The conference will not accept any more submissions.

Final papers will be included in the Conference proceedings. A selection of papers from EuroVR2016 Conference will be published in a Special Issue of the Journal of Virtual Reality and Broadcasting as extended versions (

JVRB is an open access E-journal covering advanced media technology for the integration of human computer interaction and modern information systems. The main focus is on the creation of synergies between such basic technologies as computer graphics and state-of-the-art broadcasting techniques.

Posters & demos

During the EuroVR2016 conference an interactive poster and demo session will be hosted. The session provides an excellent opportunity to receive feedback and discuss early research through poster presentations and/or demonstrate novel work related to the Conference topics. We emphasize that the poster/demo session is not a forum to display commercial products.

Accepted demos and posters will be included in the EuroVR2016 conference proceedings and should be presented by at least one author at the EuroVR2016 Conference. During the interactive poster and demo session all participants will have the chance to vote for the best presented poster and demo. For submitting your poster or demo proposal please follow the guidelines below:


The posters may describe work in progress, experimental results and current projects related to the topics of the conference. Accepted posters will be included in the EuroVR2016 conference proceedings and should be presented by at least one author at the EuroVR2016 Conference. 

Download the EuroVR2016 Poster Template (link). Submit your poster/demo descriptive paper (2 pages maximum) at


The demos may include innovative work from research laboratories, startup companies and other VR/AR related entrepreneurs  and must be presented live at the workshop venue.

Download the EuroVR2016 word template (link). Submit your demo descriptive paper (2 pages maximum) to

Special Session proposals

The EuroVR2016 Conference program will include Special Sessions. Their objective is to complement the regular program with new or emerging topics that are of particular interest to the VR, AR and MR Community. These Special Sessions may also cut across and beyond disciplines traditionally represented at EuroVR2016 Conference. The submitted proposals must include the following information:

  • Organiser information (Full name, job title and affiliation, full contact details);
  • Session title & description;
  • Related topic/s (a detailed list is available below);
  • Names, e-mail addresses of moderator and 5 CONFIRMED speakers;
  • Additional information about structure of session, promotion, target audience etc.

Important note:

  • Any one individual will only be allowed one slot as either Moderator or Speaker;
  • Preference will be given to round-table or ‘panel’ types of session;
  • A limited number of sessions will be approved. The PC reserves the right to combine provisionally approved sessions.

Download Special Session Proposal template (link). Submit your proposal at: conference will not accept any more submissions.


EuroVR 2016 seeks original, high-quality contributions in all areas related, but not necessarily restricted to:

  • Novel devices (both input and output) for VR, AR, MR, and haptics;
  • VR system architectures;
  • Collaborative and distributed VR;
  • Augmented reality and mobile devices;
  • Novel ways for applying VR/AR/MR, etc.;
  • Perception and human factors;
  • Multi-modal and 3D interaction;
  • Presence, cognition, and embodiment in VR/AR/MR;
  • Haptics, audio, and other non-visual modalities;
  • Cyber sickness and other similar issues;
  • Tracking, sensing, and processing sensor data;
  • Tele-operation, tele-immersion, tele-presence;
  • Novel data flow architectures;
  • Cost effectiveness and cost efficiency in VR/AR/MR systems;
  • Serious games and edutainment using VR/AR/MR;
  • Applications in manufacturing and engineering, aerospace, logistics, construction and architecture, medical and rehabilitation, training and education, cultural heritage, food manufacturing etc.

Proposal for Special Sessions can be submitted for the aforementioned topics as well as the following domains:

  • Health and Wellbeing;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Gaming and Haptics.


All authors are requested to sign this copyright form and return a scanned copy to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. stating the submission number in the subject and the original copy within 7 days to

Dr. Marco Sacco
EuroVR President
European Association of Virtual reality and Augmented Reality (EuroVR)

Institute of Industrial Technologies and Automation
National Research Council of Italy
Via Alfonso Corti, 12
20133 Milan, Italy


Powerpoint Template

All presenters are requested to use this powerpoint template for their presentation during the conference.

Important Dates

  • Early Bird Registration: 30 September 2016 (extended) 17 October 2016

Call for papers

  • Submission deadline: 9 September 2016 (extended) Closed
  • Notification of Acceptance:25 September 2016
  • Camera-Ready version due: 8 October 2016

Call for posters & demos:

  • Submission deadline: 23 September 2016 (extended) Closed
  • Notification of acceptance: 8 October 2016

Call for Special Sessions:

  • Submission deadline: 9 September 2016 (extended) Closed
  • Notification of Acceptance: 8 October 2016

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